we aim at addressing our Customers’ needs in a professional manner. we like and support growing businesses, therefore, we are a partner at every stage of the Investment Project.

Dawid Kliś

President of the Board of SPEC BAU Poland

as members of the Board, we often visit construction sites to share our engineering expertise and experience with the Customers and the Team. while constructing, we respect quality, time limits and budgets, which our recurring Customers appreciate.

Bartłomiej Kercel

Vice President of the Board of SPEC BAU Poland

our realizations

ground engineering works

manufacturing and warehousing facilities

public facilities

what makes us stand out?

nothing can take us by surprise.

the Board and Directors of SPEC BAU visit the construction sites on a regular basis. they share the knowledge, provide advice and support to the Customers in making crucial decisions

we’d like you to meet us.

our Customers are welcome to visit the current investment projects. it is an opportunity to get to know our Team and to experience the quality of their work

we deliver.

there are things more important than cost estimates. we complete the projects in a timely manner, respecting the arrangements and ensuring a guaranteed quality


we work in conformity with the BREEAM and LEED standards. we aim at exceeding standards in our work


New technologies

we use the TRI-GENERATION technology – for auto-generation of electricity, heat and cooling energy, e.g. from natural gas

we cooperate with HYNFRA and HYNFRA ENERGY STORAGE which provide RES solutions, including energy storage facilities and hydrogen technologies

we advise, design and create installations using renewable energy sources

we build durable relationships

what our customers say

we will build your

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