Passive construction works

Buildings erected with the use of passive technology are characterised by very good insulation parameters and a series of solutions minimising the energy consumption in course of exploitation. The demand for energy in such buildings is considerably lower than in the case of traditional buildings. It is worth keeping in mind that the cost of investment includes not only the construction costs but most of all exploitation costs and demand for media.

Wide range of possible applications

Passive construction works performed by SPEC BAU POLSKA include not only the implementation of high budget, expensive technologies. When realising this type of investments we always conduct necessary analyses and calculations compliant with the Investor’s requirements. In result the final passive building may be erected with the use of classic techniques but with improved parameters of individual elements and systems.

No limits

At the current stage of growth of construction market we are able to erect any type of passive building such as residential buildings, office buildings, municipal buildings, production halls or commercial buildings.