Quality policy

Continuous growth through realisation of Construction Investments for our customers has always been our goal. We are continuously expanding the  scope of our services in order to provide Investors with the highest quality of our services and the resulting tangible profits.

The desired quality is obtained through:

  • individual Customer approach through our involvement and understanding of priorities of the Investment
  • implementation and use of quality management system enhancing effective organisation of work satisfying for our customers,
  • continuous professional development of individuals participating in the investment process.

We have set ambitious goals for our company and we continuously improving our skills and qualifications thus creating favourable conditions for effective management of both the organisation  and the conducted projects.

Guaranteeing high quality of our services enables us to achieve our strategic goal which signifies positive economic result and strong competitive position in the market.

Our Board undertakes the obligation to:

  • meet all legal and other requirements concerning quality and environmental protection as well as continuous and conscious improvement of quality management system,
  • prevent contamination and minimise negative influence on the environment.